Really Meet Sue Matsuki

     No, I am not Japanese. I come to my name through my Japanese husband. I took his name when we married because it was a "trade up" name. You see, my maiden name was Trosell, which made me "Suetrosell" which, to me, always sounded like an antacid. I am actually of Swedish and French descent which means nothing really except that I’m a big chested, great kisser!

     I grew up in Waterbury, CT, the town with the huge, illuminated cross on the hill off of Route 84! Yep, that would be Waterbury’s claim to fame, well, that and ME of course (she says ever so modestly)! I have 7 brothers, no sisters, so I was the "featured" child which, I’m sure, is what led me to becoming a performer. (Having 7 brothers also made me the oldest living virgin on earth but that’s another story!) The first time I was on stage was at age 6. I was supposed to sing "The Boy I Love" but, to my mother's horror, I innocently belted out Ella Fitzgerald's version of "Love For Sale" [my babysitter exposed me to Ella at a very early age]...I was crowned Little Miss Hamilton Park and my mother was taken into custody by child services. (Kidding!) Since there has never been another Little Miss Hamilton Park Contest, I am still the reigning Little Miss Hamilton Park!

     I did a lot of community theatre and dance recitals growing up and produced many a talent-free talent show in my two car garage! In 1976, I reigned as Miss Waterbury (I liked crowns!), but I only reigned for 2 months, fulfilling my obligation as 1st Runner Up. I also won Miss Congeniality and the Talent Award for dancing the death scene from Swan Lake. I then heard the call only the highly flammable, polyester clad could hear, "HOOT HOOT" and became part of a Salsa/Hustle dance partnership called Sue & Lou. Surprising to many, I have appeared in several community theater productions and I choreographed most of them except for Agnes of God because well, nuns don’t least they didn’t until Nunsense hit town!

     After I moved to New York, I started singing jazz at The Village Gate (now sadly a drugstore) but my first “professional” Cabaret show was at Don’t Tell Mama 36 years ago. Since then I have received 12 MAC Award Nominations (in 9 different categories) and I am a 3-time MAC Award Winner (Female Jazz Vocalist / Jazz Duo with Gregory Toroian / Original Song “One Stop Shopping” by Page/Matsuki/ Toroian.)

     In 2020 I finally made it to Don't Tell Mama's "Wall of Fame" (I'm next to Billy Porter!) for my anniversary show called, "How's that for Openers?" We also won the 2020 Bistro Award for Outstanding Collaboration celebrating my 25th year of singing with my beloved Music Director/Arranger Gregory Toroian.

     I am a veteran Cabaret/Jazz singer and comedian who has played legendary Jazz Clubs: The Village Gate, Birdland, The Iridium and Feinstein's (NY/LA) and literally every club in New York and several across the country from Provincetown to Las Vegas to Alaska! I've even played Carnegie Hall and The Metropolitan Opera. At the Met I was a Super and “Diva Double” featured in: Moses und Aaron (Voice of God); Tristan und Isolde (Braganea double); Norma (Druid Princess) - no crown &$#@; and Il Travatore (Court Lady & Leonora double). 

     I have 2 CDs: A New Take and Sue & Edd’s FABULOUS Christmas, with Edd Clark. I also appear on Christine Lavin presents Christmas Angel featuring my original song with Paul Stephen, "Christmas Angel".

     I am an author (So You Want to Sing Cabaret), producer (Urban Stages'Winter Rhythms & NATS Musical Theatre Gala), columnist (Sue's Views), educator (UCONN & Fordham), host (Matsuki & Totorian's Jazz Brunch Open Mic) and I have served on the MAC Board of Directors as the Treasurer.



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